Monday, 10 October 2016

The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe

Whenever a physicist or cosmologist tell people about the fate of our universe, the past and the future of the universe, then some people say how do you know about the future or the past of the universe. 

People may ask how physicist or cosmologist knows the universe is expanding. How does physicist or cosmologist know the universe came from the Big Bang? How can they predict the future of the universe?
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One way is the physicist or cosmologists do this by looking at the Doppler Shift. Even high school students are familiar with. Doppler shift. Doppler Effect (Doppler Shift) was first proposed by Christian Doppler in 1842 in Prague. Starlight from a star coming towards you turns greenish and bluish when yellow light moves away from you, it turns reddish. When we look in the sky than we actually look at the starlight emitted from distant galaxies. When we observe this light we come to know that this light is more reddish as it was supposed to be. Which means these distant galaxies are moving away from us? From this observation, we conclude that the universe is expanding. Observing this light, scientists calculated the age of the universe which is about 13.7 billion years. So that’s how we know the age of the universe.

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